Why Go Organic?

Here are 20 reasons why to go organic according to the BFA (Biological Farmers of Australia):-




Reduce chemical run-off and residues in drinking water, waterways and coastal areas.

Restore soils for productive cropland and secure the future of Australian Agriculture.

Increase the resilience of farms during drought.

Increase biodiversity and save disappearing native animal habitats.

Eliminate use of growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically engineered drugs and feeds in livestock.

Ensure the humane treatment of animals.

Reduce landfill, which has greenhouse consequences.

Safeguard the integrity of your food.

Capture CO2 back into the soil in the form of Humus.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating synthetic nitrogen fertilisers.

Eat produce that is better for you!

Avoid eating up to two kilograms of food additives every year.

Avoid Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)

Lower the incidence of neuro-developmental problems in children - perhaps, including ADHD and autism.

Virtually eliminate dietary exposures to insecticides known to be developmental neurotoxins.

Reduce unwanted interference by many pesticides with our sex hormones.

Give infants the nutrient building blocks they need for a healthy future.

Reduce the risk of infants exposure to pesticides.

Reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Eat the best tasting food!

You can download a pdf of this list and more information about the 20 reasons to go organic by clicking HERE-


Do you really know what you are eating?

A large commercial organic farm,  

 perfect for a sustainable future